Worship Ministries

There are a variety of ways to become involved in our liturgies. You can serve in one of the many liturgical ministries and/or serve as a member of our Worship Committee. The Worship Committee oversees and coordinates the ministries associated with our liturgies. They evaluate and plan the various liturgies throughout the Church’s Liturgical Year. The Worship Committee as a whole meets every other month. The Liturgy Planning subcommittee meets every other month.

Catalog of Ministries

For questions, please contact Lisa Park, 267-7494 x 18 or lpark@stedward.church

Gathering Space

The Gathering Space presents those entering church with an atmosphere of transition.  The gathering space should create an atmosphere that helps those in it pause, be met with pleasant colors and sacred symbols and images.  The space is a good one to catch peoples’ attention.  However, displays should not be so numerous as to clutter and pose an atmosphere of chaos.  Because of the importance of this space, guidelines have been set to maintain a pleasant and reverant atmosphere in this area.  Those wishing to display something in the gathering space are asked to abide by these guidelines.

Gathering Space Display Guidelines and Form DG

Gathering Space Reservation Areas