Fundraising Review Committee

St. Edward Parish has a Fundraising Review Committee comprised of parish members who are committed to supporting our parish. The goal of this committee is to ensure that each fundraising event meets the criteria set out by the policies, is consistent with our Christian Stewardship principles, reduces conflicts in scheduling fundraising events, and prevents over-saturation of the parishioners/school families. The criteria for sponsoring a fundraiser and the form to request a fundraiser are available on this website. All fundraising efforts for the internal/external individuals or organizations (e.g., school, parish ministries, SEAM, PIE, Archdiocese, Ursuline Sisters) within the St. Edward parish, requires the approval of the Fundraising Review Committee. If you have any questions please see one of the committee members: Amie Barnes, Amy Elzy, Cathy Cooke, Debbie Grisanti, or Marc Veigl.